Storefront signs

What are the storefront signs?

Storefront signs are the signs that appear on the front of a business or retail store to identify the business and reflect a brand or an image, storefront signs could be the best way to advertise your business as its relatively cheap and has the most impact on the client or audience, especially when the business has to deal with customers in person or planning to attract more customers.

Custom quality storefront signs will bring you more business and it will make the customer or visitor trust your brand and business.


What are the options for storefront signs?

There are almost unlimited options for most of the businesses, but there are things we consider to bring the product out to our customers, budget, design, location, brand image or corporate identity, available surfaces, city codes, time, and finally visibility, we don’t just provide signs, we provide the best option for your business.

channel letters

Custom Outdoor Signs


Signs as a part of branding and company image is vital, and getting a customer’s attention is now harder than ever.

 Most businesses want exterior signs that will grab the attention of traffic/ local customers so that they can remember the name of their company. Our signs are eye-catching, innovative, and effective regardless of where they may be placed. Our business exterior signs are also very practical for churches, schools, banks, or any businesses type.


When choosing your exterior signage, you should ensure it draws the eye naturally, highlights your company name, and brings about brand retention.

Outdoor signs should inform people where your business is located which can sometimes be half of the battle.

Fortunately, if customers remember where your signs are located, they will likely know where your business is located since most businesses place outdoor signs outside of their business. One of the best ways to attract attention is through lit up exterior signs, like channel letter signs, outdoor digital signs, neon signs, and other types of outdoor signage. Some of our other popular exterior signs include real estate signs, yard signs, pole signs, monument signs, among others.

If you are a resident of the Lake Bluff area, then you have probably spotted our signs all over the place without even consciously knowing about it. We have taken the time and effort to ensure that all of our storefront signs, outdoor banners, and all other kinds of signage are of the highest quality and follow the local rules and regulations. We take the utmost effort to ensure our work is a reflection of both your brand and ours. That is why we focus on understanding your signage needs, working on your sign, and even installing it.


We’re A Full-Service Outdoor and indoor Sign Company

We can work with you through every step of the process from design to installation, including handling any permitting and compliance with local sign ordinances. We also provide a wide variety of outdoor signage you will require for your Illinois business, There can be quite a bit of red tape, regulations, and paperwork connected with installing a new sign for your business, but our staff is experienced in the handling of this, and can handle all of these issues for you.


Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Regardless of whether you’re familiar with business signs or not, when you think of exterior business signage, channel letter storefront signs are probably the very first thing you may think about. Channel letter signs are attractive signs that are sturdy and long-lasting, offering quite a bit of customization in terms of size, font, shape, and color. They also cut metal raised elements and are available in either standard or backlit options. 


Canopy & Awning Signs

Some signs are made up of canvas that will have your name, logo, and other information printed directly onto the awning itself. If your business is located in an outlet center, strip mall, or even in a small section of town, then sometimes the only options you may have are either canopy or awning signs. Sometimes that’s what you may prefer, especially for salons and boutiques. 

Our Illinois based team enjoys working on these signs and getting creative on how to make the most out of that small space to attract passing by customers.


Storefront Signs

Our goal is to produce something unique, whether you want a conventional sign or one that is a bit more unusual. The sky is the limit with our team’s creativity and tech-savvy. We’ve worked with such a wide variety of companies that we can predict which signs are more effective and which signs will follow through on our promises. Most people come to us because they want exterior signs. These are the signs that announce where you are, tell a little bit about your brand, and continue to bring in brand new clients for you. Even better, they can provide you with brand exposure that you cannot find any other way. The sign you choose will impact who will see your company and who may be interested in it. That is where our Illinois team can assist you, we will help you to select the signs that are the very best for your company’s needs. 


Pole Signs

Pole signs can attract attention from a long distance away, sticking out above other buildings, and can remind the people who spend a lot of time on the road that you are there. When used correctly, these signs can be a game-changer for your business. If you are located in a busier part of town near the highway and you need to find a way to gain attention, then going bigger can sometimes be better. 


Complete Exterior Signage Provider

We can assist you with every component of outdoor signage, from your free complimentary consultation through the installation of your sign and its maintenance. It is our goal to create outstanding exterior signs that will meet your needs for years to come.

Our exterior sign products include:


We understand the needs of businesses located in Chicago, Illinois, and is here to provide you with a complete assortment of exterior signs for your business or organizational needs.

Free Consultation with Sign Expert

Our attractive, affordable storefront and exterior signs can get your business noticed and make a lasting impression on your clientele.

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 Wall sign usually installs in the lobby or office reception presenting a brand or a massage or an image, most of the time a business logo.

Wall signs can also be directional signs or directory signs, like the ones you find in  hospitals or large facilities, when there is a place like an office or clinic, the signs are usually branded, means, the colors and fonts are typical and the materials are consistent as possible.